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Announcements for November 27, 2022
Youth Group

Youth Group meets the 1st and 3rd and 5th Sunday of each month. Use the contact form below to receive regular communication about Youth Group gatherings and events.

Food Pantry Donations

Each month we serve people in need in our community with our food pantry. To help keep the food pantry supplied, we're asking each family at Lighthouse to bring in pasta sauce, noodles, ravioli and Mac & Cheese during the month of November. Thank you for helping us be For Cedar Lake! 

Hanover High School Theater at Lighthouse Church

This Christmas season, we have the opportunity to host Hanover High School's Theater production at Lighthouse Church.  If you'd like to serve in any way for this event, please complete the contact form below.

BE RICH 2022

Be Rich is all about partnering with those who are already serving those around us and around the world. We want to be a blessing to them as God has blessed us. Our goal is 100% participation from our church at $39.95 per person. Please consider giving more if you're able to help us exceed our goals! You can read more about each cause and give here.


Use this link to access our secure giving page for a one-time donation or to set up recurring giving.

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